2018 LE K9 EOW Flag Decal 2.5"x3.5"


2018 LE K9 EOW Flag Decal 2.5"x3.5"


Honor the fallen with our “2018 Law Enforcement K9 End of Watch” Decal.

This high quality, UV protected flag decal features the names of the 27 K9s lost in 2018 as well as 27 blue stars to honor those heroes.

100% of profits go towards donating K9 medical kits for military and police K9s.

2018 LE K9 EOW:
K9 Scout, K9 Brock, K9 Mojo, K9 Rony, K9 Eico, K9 Bane, K9 Tuco, K9 Choper, K9 Cade, K9 Turbo, K9 Midas, K9 Hemi, K9 Vader, K9 Boco, K9 Smokey, K9 Nell, K9 Grunt, K9 Benzi, K9 Rocky, K9 Fang, K9 Rush, K9 Rocky, K9 Kastor, K9 Axe, K9 Bandit, K9 Bane, K9 Cigo

If you are the handler to one of these lost K9 heroes, please contact MEDIK9USA and a memorial bracelet and decal will be shipped at no charge to you.


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